Minimum orders: $100

Prices are per person @ $15.00 (some meat items are $18 per person)

All orders require a 24 hrs. Notice preferred

Pricing: Taxes included at final order

Cancellations, Date change policy:

Achella Spoon, requires a 72 hour advance notice from the event’s time to

cancel or change an event’s date and receive the final quest count.

Prices are subject to change based on market conditions causing a necessary increase in price.

Delivery Fee: $ 25 (depending on location fees may vary)



Approved payment method or credit card required to reserve the date / confirm order.

If no payment information is received within 48 hrs. of the event, the event is considered cancelled.

Major cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Gratuity kindly accepted.

Tell Me About Your Event So I Can Begin the Process.

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