My passion for cooking began when I was just a little girl helping my Grandma Frances in her kitchen in Rome, GA. I remember the early mornings smelling the aroma of her homemade biscuits.In the evenings for dinner, I would help her snap beans, shuck corn and pick blackberries for the cobbler. I knew then that I had a love and passion for cooking because food is good for the soul. It brings people together to enjoy one another.


I was raised in The New England area of Worcester, Massachusetts. I met people of all ethnic backgrounds and began to experience eating different types of foods from Puerto Rico, Jamaican, Italian to Soul, as well as Indian and American food.  My pallet was so fascinated with the flavors and spices of great tasting food. I began watching my friend’s mom and grandma prepare food from their culture which is why I’m cooking all types of food today.

In 2017, I finally decided to start my own catering business. My friends and family would always say you need to share this great tasting good food with everyone. So today, I bring to you Achella Spoon Catering where I will cater to your needs from small events, baby showers, brunch, small weddings, corporate lunches, parties or any occasion that you may desire good, home cooked food.

Achella Spoon Catering was inspired by my spiritual connection with God through prayer and receiving his grace to fulfill my hearts desire, which is cooking. My late Grandma Frances instilled in me to bring families together by cooking great meals with passion and love.

I hope that you give ACHELLA SPOON CATERING, the opportunity to cater to you.

My Story


Delicious Food and Reliable Service that Caters to You!!



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